How do I join?

The BNC Student POV community is an invitation-only community. Didn’t receive an invitation? Are you a college student? Message us at support@bncstudentpov.com and when a spot opens up, we’ll send you an invitation.

Do I have to pay anything to participate?

No. We care about your opinions and authentic feedback on brands and issues. You will never be required to pay for anything to participate.

How long are the surveys and activities?

Most surveys should only take about five to seven minutes to complete. Once in a while, we’ll send out a longer or more complex survey – but not without a more exciting reward attached! We understand your busy college schedule and recognize the time and effort required to participate.

In addition to surveys, we may invite you to participate in other types of activities, such as online journals, discussions, or something more involved. When you’re invited to one of these activities, you’ll know how long it will take (and the incentive attached) ahead of time. Just like with our surveys, a more exciting incentive will come with more involved activities.

How will my data be used?

Data from the surveys and activities you complete will be used by Barnes & Noble College and its store teams to better understand your preferences and experiences so we can provide the best shopping experience possible.

Will the information I provide be confidential?

Yes. Completely. Your responses will be anonymously lumped into statistical tabulations, such as “51% of male college students have a credit card” or “94% percent of college students believe their actions can make a difference on the environment.” Your individual responses and information will never be given to anyone in a manner that reveals your identity. You can check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

How do I get rewarded?

We deeply value your thoughts and opinions, and we’ll make it worth your while to share them.

For participation in online surveys and activities, you can earn points to be redeemed for Barnes & Noble gift-cards. You can check your points by clicking “My Points” on the BNC Student POV homepage.

We also offer monthly participation contests where you are entered when you complete a survey. Click here for full Contest Rules.